TRAFIC implies the idea of movement. Therefore, the public is invited to join the artists and TRAFIC's team on the road from May 24 to May 28, for a week of openings and festive evenings throughout the region, in addition to the exhibitions and artistic interventions that will take place in the city of Rouyn-Noranda, which is the heart of the event.

The event continues until June 26, 2005.

TUESDAY MAY 24, 2005 _ 18h00
Église de La Motte
162 Chemin du Quai, La Motte (Québec) J0Y 1T0
Phone : (819) 732-2708
Performance by Geneviève Crépeau
Dansons dans la rue avec Madame Touladi et les D.J. Twin Artists : Danyèle Alain, Attitude d'artistes and Marilyse Goulet

TUESDAY MAY 24, 2005 _ 20h00
Billard L'Ad hoc
261, 1ière avenue Est, Amos (Québec) J9T 1H5
Phone : (819) 732-1788
Video program (curator : Patrice Duhamel) and audio performance by Szkieve.

WEDNESDAY MAY 25, 2005 _ 15h00
Vacant lot located near the service station in Rouyn-Noranda end of town, direction Evain.
Meet at L'Écart, 167 Avenue Murdoch at 14h45
Phone : (819) 797-8738
Fax : (819) 797-8693
Performance by Véronique Doucet

WEDNESDAY MAY 25, 2005 _ 19h00
Salle Augustin Chénier 42, rue Sainte-Anne, Ville-Marie (Québec) J9V 2B7
Phone : (819) 622-1362
Fax : (819) 622-0408
Opening and audio performance by Jean-Pierre Aubé

THURSDAY, MAY 26, 2005 _ 17h00
Centre d'exposition de Val d'Or
600, 7ième rue, Val d'Or (Québec) J9P 3P3
Phone : (819) 825-0942
Fax : (819) 825-3062
Opening of the exhibition
David Blathwick, Diane Borsato, Sylvie Cotton, Guy Laramée, Derek Lerner and Mark Lombardi

THURSDAY, MAY 26, 2005 _ 20h00
Attractions on Road 117
Intervention by Gaétane Godbout

FRIDAY, MAY 27, 2005 _ 17h00
Sainte-Rose-de-Poularies Church
Performance by Geneviève Crépeau, Dansons dans la rue avec Madame Touladi et les D.J. Twin

Opening Collectif RN-34
Advertisement billboard installation on Road 393 between Rouyn-Noranda and La Sarre
(Matthieu Dumont, Gaétane Godbout, Marthe Julien, Maryse Larouche, Donald Trépanier,
Luc Ampleman, Rock Lamothe)

Artists : Danyèle Alain, Attitude d'artistes and Marilyse Goulet

FRIDAY, MAY 27, 2005 _ 20h30
Petit Théâtre du Vieux-Noranda
Performance by Tanja Ostojic

SATURDAY, MAY 28, 2005 _ 15h00
Centre d'exposition de Rouyn-Noranda
425, boulevard du Collège, Rouyn-Noranda (Québec) J9X 5C4
Opening of the exhibition
Igor Antic, Véronique Doucet, Caroline Gagné, Emmanuelle Léonard, Jasper van den Brink

SATURDAY, MAY 28, 2005 _ 17h00
Several venues to point out
Opening of the exhibition in Rouyn-Noranda
Germaine Koh, Atelier FOVEA, Mara Verna, Christian Leduc, Éric Simon, Veit Stratmann, Attitude d'artistes, Marilyse Goulet, Danyèle Alain, Olivier Choinière

SATURDAY, MAY 28, 2005 _ 19h00
L'Écart... lieu d'art actuel
167, avenue Murdoch C.P. 2273, Rouyn-Noranda (Québec) J9X 5A9
Téléphone : (819) 797-8738
Télécopieur : (819) 797-8693
Chris Lloyd, Martin Dufrasne, Sylvie Cotton
Audio performance by Skieve

The detailed program of the "interventions in the trafic" will be available in May.

For more information the schedule and departure time, contact l'Écart... lieu d'art actuel at (819) 797-8738.
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